::: Head Office Brewery:::

The Fifth Toji of Head Office Brewery : TADASHI KIKUCHI

kikuchi-pAim for brewing sake loved forever, thinking a great deal of “rich and full-bodied”

Traditional Takashimizu taste established by successive Toji can be expressed as “rich and full-bodied”. In order to maintain and succeed to this taste, it is important to observe carefully the action of microorganisms which produce sake, and to control the temperature and amount of moisture properly for setting environment which is suitable for microbial action. I would like to continue making sake loved by a lot of people with all brewers together, brewing honestly without any compromise.

【Year of Birth】1964
【Place of Birth】Kakunodate-machi, Senboku-city, Akita
【University】Tokyo University of Agriculture
【Personal Brewing History】
April in 1987:Entered Akita Shurui Seizoh., Ltd.
October in 1997:Became in charge of rice polishing factory in Goshono
February in 2010:Became Assistant Toji of Head office brewery
April in 2014:Became Toji of Head office brewery up to the present time