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The First Toji of Goshono Brewery: HITOSHI KATO

goshono-tThe reason I introduce the latest machine is to support our human’s skill.

I have a thought that Sake is brewed by not Toji but microorganism such as koji-mold or yeast. I carefully grasp the condition and take care of microorganism as if I was talking with them because they react to the surrounding environment sensitively. In Goshono brewery, these care is managed by the latest machine; however, this is just for supporting human’s skills. The most important thing for sake brewing is still traditional human’s skill after all. I keep challenging myself to new sake brewing way with collaboration between the latest machine and traditional skills to persue sake which goes well with any kind of dishes and moves the customers.

【Year of Birth】1955
【Place of Birth】Kyowa, Daisen-city, Akita
【University】Tokyo University of Agriculture
【Personal Brewing History】
December in 1980:Entered Akita Shurui Seizoh., Ltd
September in 1990:Became in charge of new rice polishing factory in Goshono
February in 1998:Became Toji of new Goshono brewery up to the present time
【Principal Award History】
Winning at The National Japan New Sake Awards:13 times (Gold prize 12 times)
Honor prize at The Tohoku District Sake Competition (Ginjo section):15 times
Honor prize at The Tohoku District Sake Competition (Junmai section):12 times
Akita Governor’s Prize at the Akita Sake Competition (Ginjo section):8 times (Top of prizes 2 times)
Akita Governor’s Prize at the Akita Sake Competition (Junmai section):5 times (Top of prizes 2 times)
Honor prize at the San-nai Toji Union Sake Competition:13 times (Top of prizes 2 times)
Receiving the Prize for skilled expert in Akita (November in 2013)