Drinkable Beauty Liquid “Amazake”

Amazake is a traditional Japanese fermented sweet drink which is made from rice and sake lees, and it is rich in enzymes and probiotics. It is Japanese traditional superfood.
Amazake has been said “drinkable IV drip” because of its rich nutriments, and in Japan, irrespective of age or gender, people have been familiar with it and loved to drink since ancient period.  Amazake is also described as “drinkable beauty liquid” for its abundant beauty effects, and following are wonderful beauty effects which amazake has…
●Skin-beautifying effect
Vitamin B2 and B6 which are contained a lot in amazake are said to give a tenseness and elasticity to skin while keeping moisture in the skin. Moreover, amazake contains the components which prevents the melanin formation which becomes the factor of stain. As a result, we expect the prevention of spots or darkness.
●Fat-burning effect
These vitamin B series also promotes the lipid metabolism, and then we can expect the effect of fat-burning easier.
●Slender waist effect
Improving intestinal environment and preventing or improving constipation. The better intestinal environment improves the condition of skin, too!

It is really great thing that by only drinking, we can expect such a wonderful effects, isn’t it?
Why don’t you try it?