Gold Medal in IWC 2019 SAKE Division

Since 2009, Takashimizu has exported sake under the brand name “Shimizu no mai” pure series as US original. Currently, 6 types of junmai sake are sold and enjoyed among US market.
Among them, Shimizu no mai Pure night was awarded gold medal in Junmai daiginjo category of IWC sake division.

We keep making our maximum efforts to brew promised quality sake that customers can be satisfied with. We would very appreciate your continued support and hope you enjoy our sake.

What is IWC?
The International Wine Challenge(IWC), held each year in London, is one of the most influential and respected blind wine tasting competitions in the world, and its sake division was introduced in 2007. Since then, it has grown extremely and award-winning sake of this competiton has attracted a considerable attention both in Japan and overseas.

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