【Kissing Mokkiri Sake Vol.007】

mokkiri vol.7-1

When drinking at Izakaya (informal Japanese style bar) in Japan, sometimes sake is served in this style: server put a glass inside the Masu or sake saucer and pour until sake overflows from the glass.
This serving style is called “Mokkiri” and it is said that the degree of overflowing shows the degree of the server’s generosity.

How would you drink this style of sake?

The most familiar style in sake country Akita is that sipping a bit of sake with kissing the brim. In order to spread this “kissing drinking style” throughout the world, we will continuously introduce the attractive “Mokkiri face” of beautiful Akita’s ladies to you.

mokkiri vol.7-2
This Mokkiri beauty is Ms. Chinatsu Mizuno, who is working on the development and dispatching business of Akita Maiko (traditional Japanese performer) under the theme of “Akita Beauty you can meet” for the real revitalizing of local area.

According to her, sipping sake every night is one of her ways to unwind routine fatigue.
“During cold season, I prefer to choose sake since it really goes well with warm Japanese dishes such as hot pot, oden, boiled fishes and so forth.

In current job, sake is one of the frequent topics with customers so I actually try and learn by every night sipping and store my knowledge about sake”.
Such a nice and positive attitude and comment!