【The questionnaire results of “AIU meets TAKASHIMIZU”①】


“AIU meets TAKASHIMIZU ~Let’s enjoy sake!~” was the sake tour event which was held in Takashimizu brewery for international students of Akita International University. During this event, we asked them to fill in the questionnaire about sake. We will now announce the questionnaire results!

During chatting over Takashimizu sake, we asked them to make the sake ranking of favotite taste among 5 kinds of our sake that they tried during this event. The results are as follows!

No.1 Junmai Daiginjo
No.2 Dessert Jungin
No.3 Sake-no-kuni Junmai
No.4 Daiginjo
No.5 Josen

This question was what we wanted to know most. “Junmai” is popular and increasing the sales in Japan, similarly, people from different countries also tend to have a preference for “Junmai” style.

16 out of 24 persons answered that they changed their image of sake through this event. All 16 students had favorable impressions, such as “I didn’t know sake was so tasty” or “I love sake more!”

The pleasure for us was that all students answered “we want to drink sake again!”. We hope all of them will get to like sake more and continuously enjoy sake even after returning to their countries!

We will introduce their opinions about “local foods in their country which go well with sake” later.