【Kissing Mokkiri Sake Vol.033】


When drinking at Izakaya (informal Japanese style bar) in Japan, sometimes sake is served in this style: server put a glass inside the Masu or sake saucer and pour until sake overflows from the glass.
This serving style is called “Mokkiri” and it is said that the degree of overflowing shows the degree of the server’s generosity.
How would you drink this style of sake?
The most familiar style in sake country Akita is that sipping a bit of sake with kissing the brim. In order to spread this “kissing drinking style” throughout the world, we will continuously introduce the attractive “Mokkiri face” of beautiful Akita’s ladies to you.


This mokkiri beauty is Ms. Mariko Kurihara, who is active as an Akita sightseeing ambassador, while studying at the university to become a doctor.

“The first present for my parents was Takashimizu sake, which I bought with the first pay at my part time job after I came to Akita for going on to the university. My parents were so glad to taste it, even though they are particular about the tastes.” Having intelligence, beauty, sociable manners, and moreover, filial piety! I thought “the world is not that bad” at that night, since I could see such an amazing lady who is the picture of a good wife!