【Handworks of brewers – Sake brewing in Takashimizu Vol.5】

This is the final process of this series, which introduce the sake brewing process from washing rice. The last process is pressing which is for separation of moromi into sake and sake-kasu (sake lees) by the pressing machine. In this process, Mr. Yuuichi Sato worked on his job skillfully with speaking in louder voice than anyone else in the site. He is a seasoned brewer with 27 years’ experiences, who knows everything about sake.


“This process is, so to speak, an anchor of relay team. In order to carry the baton to our goal surely, I always perform the tasks to be absolutely sure.” Mr. Takahashi gave us his expression with confidence, which showed the sense of achievement from pressing the convincing taste this year too, while receiving the passion from the brewers who were concerned with the brewing process up to the pressing.