【Akita Sake Cafe will be back in Tokyo!】


Much-loved event held in Roppongi in 2013, “Akita Sake Cafe”, will be held at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo on 4th September after a 2 years’ absence!

“Sake” is a Japanese term for all alcohol drinks not only sake but also other alcohol drinks. This event brings sake produced in Akita such as premium sake, sparkling sake, craft beer, wine, and doburoku together, including sake which appears outside Akita for the first time.

Besides sake, Akita’s authentic local dishes used local foodstuff will be also served! You can enjoy not only delicious sake and dishes but also conversation with sake brewers. Fees including meals are 6,000 yen and the fixed number is only 800! This is a golden opportunity to taste Akita’s sake, so please join this event with your friends or colleagues. There is a gift “original Junmai-shu” for every attendee.

Takashimizu will serve “Junmai Daiginjo” and “Dessert Jungin”!

Please confirm the following website (in Japanese) if you need more information or application.

Akita Sake Cafe