Akita International University (AIU) is located in Akita-city, and various international students are assembled from all over the world. Since they chose Akita for their studying place, we would like to let them know Akita’s sake and also even after returning to their countries, we hope they continuously enjoy sake! That’s why we invited them to the sake tour event entitled “AIU meets TAKASHIMIZU ~Let’s enjoy sake!~” this time.


This event started with showing the video about sake brewing in English, and then they enjoyed brewery tour, sake blind tasting quiz and so on. During chatting time, our staffs joined and enjoyed conversation with them over various Takashimizu sake and snacks.

It was a valuable opportunity for us to hear many kinds of impressions and thoughts about sake.

Our staff members also had a really great time with you guys!

We will introduce their international opinions later!